Scholars Chosen!

The scholars for the third cohort have been identified by the Management Team and notification letters will be sent out by U.S. Mail this week to all applicants to notify you of your status. We want to thank everyone for your interest in CBANS and thank all the administrators who supported applicants in their efforts in applying for the program. It was clear that many teachers across Nevada have the support of a great principal or special education administrator in their efforts to work with students with challenging behaviors. Soon, seven of those teachers will be joining our 14 others in learning the evidence-based practices in behavior analysis that they can take back to their schools and districts!

Unfortunately, this will be the final cohort in our current funding cycle. We are not currently planning on announcing applications for any more cohorts. However, because this program is proving to be a statewide success, we are looking at attempting to gain additional funding for additional cohorts in the future. Please continue to monitor our website or follow us on Facebook for updates.


Applications now CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who applied for our third cohort of CBANS scholars. This application period is now closed. The CBANS Management Team will be meeting next week to make admissions decisions for this cohort, and applicants should receive notification in early November regarding their acceptance. We are pleased to see applicants from districts that have been previously unrepresented in the grant.

Please keep watching the website for announcements regarding our next group of CBANS scholars!

Last week for applications! – DUE OCT. 15th

This is your last chance to apply for the third and FINAL cohort of CBANS! Applications are due by October 15th and must be complete, with all required materials, in order to be considered for admission. Please remember, because we can only make decisions about admission based on what we see in your materials, you must make a strong case for yourself in your essays that your write about your experience in working with children with challenging behaviors and why you are interested in furthering your education and your career by earning a master’s degree and a BCBA. You also need to have a letter of recommendation that clearly speaks about your experience in the classroom or school setting and shows that the writer knows about your skills; don’t choose a letter-writer that doesn’t know anything about you and will write a “generic” letter, even if they are the district superintendent. That won’t help you.

This is your one and only chance to let the Management Team know that you are a strong candidate to be a successful scholar in what is a very challenging program, but will ultimately be very rewarding as you will end providing a great serving to the children and families of Nevada. Good luck to all of our applicants and we look forward to meeting seven of you very soon!

Application deadline EXTENDED – Oct. 15

It has come to our attention that applicants may need slightly more time to gather the materials needed to complete the application process. Therefore, we are slightly extending the application deadline to OCTOBER 15th.

We must have all applicant materials complete by that date so we can move swiftly towards making decisions regarding admission decisions for our final cohort so those successful applicants will have time to complete all the steps necessary to be admitted to the University prior to Spring 2016 classes beginning.

Thank you for your understanding and please send in your materials soon for consideration!

Reminder about basic applicant requirements

Since we have just started our active recruitment for our third and final cohort, we thought now would be a good time to remind those of you considering applying of the basic requirements to be considered for admission into CBANS.  While some of the guidelines may seem restrictive, please remember that 1) scholars have to meet service obligation requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Education and so we will not accept anyone into the program who does not already meet those requirements, and 2) the goals of the project as written were to increase the number of BCBAs working statewide in school districts with students with disabilities aged 3-22. If we expand beyond those parameters, we are not holding to our agreement with the Department of Education.

Successful applicants must be working within a Nevada school district providing services to students with disabilities. You must hold a special education license. Because you will have to do supervised fieldwork (meaning one of our BCBA supervisors will have to come in and observe your work with children who are displaying behavioral problems), it is preferable that you be a classroom teacher. We can supervise your work with your own students as it is in the course of classroom practice. We cannot walk in and observe you work with students who are not your own. So, if you are in a supervisory position already, understand that this does not disqualify you, but it will make fieldwork much more difficult as you will need to obtain signed permissions from the parents of all the children with whom you work in order for your fieldwork supervisor to observe you.

Please understand that if you fall outside those parameters, it is not that we do not value the work that you do for the children of Nevada. All the work that anyone does to better the lives of children with disabilities in this state is greatly appreciated by all of us on the CBANS Management Team. It is just that you may not fit into the description of this particular project as we cannot be all things for all people. Thank you for your understanding.

Applications now open for THIRD – and FINAL – cohort!

We are now accepting applications for our third and final CBANS cohort of scholars, to begin in January 2016. To apply, please go to our home page and click on the “Applications” link in the header.

Please be prepared with all the necessary information. You will not be able to submit your application without completing all the required questions and uploading the requested documents. The deadline for applications is October 1, 2015, and we look forward to receiving applications from across the state!

Watch this space!

If you have been waiting for the application period for the third and FINAL cohort of CBANS to open up, the time is quickly approaching. We plan on having applications open on this site in mid-August. The deadline this year will be earlier than the past two years; applications must be complete by OCTOBER 1, 2015. This will allow for plenty of time for accepted scholars to apply to the university and be enrolled in spring 2016 coursework.

If you are interested and believe you are qualified to become a CBANS scholar (currently employed in a Nevada school district working with students with disabilities for more than 50% of your assigned load) and you are willing to abide by the Service Obligation (listed elsewhere on this site – please take the time to read carefully), please keep an eye on our site for an announcement regarding application details.

One thing that all applications will require is a letter of recommendation from your principal or direct supervisor that clearly speaks of your experience or ability to effectively manage the problem behaviors of children with disabilities. This letter will have to be on school/district letterhead and scanned and uploaded/attached to your application. You will also be asked to write an essay regarding why you are interested in becoming a BCBA and describing your experience in working with children with problem behaviors. You can begin working on putting together these documents before the application is live. Keep in mind these essays and this letter of recommendation is like your interview for the position; for the last two last years this was a highly competitive process for space in a very demanding program, so you need to make the case why you are qualified to be one of the only seven who will be chosen for this third and final cohort. We can only judge your ability by your essay and the letter of recommendation that is written for you; if either of these are weak, that can cost you a place in the cohort.

We also need an unofficial transcript from your last institution attended. This will need to be scanned and attached to the application, so you can begin working on acquiring that if you do not already have a copy.

Finally, as CBANS was designed to be a statewide project, our goal is to recruit from as many school districts as possible in the state. If you look in our past announcements, you will see we currently have scholars from Clark, Douglas, Lyon, and Washoe Counties. We will obviously take the most highly qualified candidates, but we are strongly encouraging candidates from our other rural districts to apply.

Keep checking in on this site – more information will be following soon!